Partners for Lives

 Sponsor A Day

Sponsoring a Day allows friends of Life Choices to pick a day that is special to them and make it an extraordinary day in the life of our clients. How does it work? We took our average annual budget and divided it by 365 days. That amount is $600.

Honor a birthday, anniversary, or other significant day. We’ll list the name of your choice on our calendar and on our client’s appointment cards who visit on your special day. We’ll also be praying for you that week. If you’d like to sponsor a day, half a day, or a quarter day click HERE.

Our Current Partners For Lives

Partners for Lives are people who don’t just make a donation, but are committed to investing in the work of Life Choices. Partners for Lives include any of the following: monthly donors of any amount, friends who annually give $200 or more. If you are interested in joining our Partners for Lives, contact Shannon Powell at 731.286.4673 or


 Mr. & Mrs. Greg Armstrong Mr. & Mrs. Al Guthrie Dr. & Mrs. Randy Olson
Mr. & Mrs. Matt Boals Mr. & Mrs. Jerry Hall Mr. & Mrs. Greg  Orman
Mr. & Mrs. Michael Boals Mr. & Mrs. Jim Hampton Mr. & Mrs. Jeff Ownby
Mr. Spencer Boals Ms. Joyce Hanlon Dr. & Mrs. Olumide Oyefeso
Mr. & Mrs. Bill Boehmler Mr. & Mrs. Bubba Hendren Mr. & Mrs. Paul Perkins
Mr. & Mrs. Ricky Burse Mr. & Mrs. Troy Holder Ms. Angela Pickens
Mr. & Mrs. Joe Campbell Mr. & Mrs. Scotty Hollis Mr. & Mrs. Allen Powell
Mr. & Mrs. Larry Carpenter Holy Angels Catholic Church Mr. & Mrs. Ronnie Prater
Mr. & Mrs. Willis Chapman Mr. & Mrs. Kevin Howell Ms. Vicki Rainey
Mr. & Mrs. Jim Cheatham Mr. & Mrs. John Johnston Mr. & Mrs. Brandon Riles
Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Cleaves Mr. & Mrs. Don Kennedy Mr. & Mrs. Robin Rockett
Mr. & Mrs. Danny Coleman Dr. & Mrs. Troy Kerber Mrs. Marilauren Rogers
Mr. & Mrs. Jeremy DeWitt Mr. & Mrs. Jason Ladd Ms. Diane Sanderson
Mr. & Mrs. Mark DiGirolamo Mr. Jeff Lawrence Mr. Maurice Sims
Mr. & Mrs. Michael Dycus Mr. & Mrs. Jason Leake Ms. Donna Smith
Mr. & Mrs. Todd Edgin Mr. & Mrs. Shawn Maclin Mr. & Mrs. Mike Stahlman
Mr. & Mrs. Bob Eubanks Ms. Mariska Malamatos Father Robert Stellini
Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey Faulkner Mr. & Mrs. Rob Martin Mr. & Mrs. Kaleb Stow
Ms. Alyce Finley Ms. Denise McKnight Mr. & Mrs. Cliff Sweat
Dr. Doug Fitzwater Ms. Kristy McLaughlin Mr. & Mrs. Bob Warren
Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Freidhof Dr. & Mrs. Steve Melton Mr. & Mrs. Danny Watson
Mr. & Mrs. Michael Gauldin Mr. & Mrs. Travis Miles Mr. & Mrs. Lance Webb
Mr. & Mrs. Ryan Gill Mr. James Mooring Mr. & Mrs. Michael Welch
Mr. & Mrs. Terry Glover Mr. & Mrs. Tim Nichols Mr. & Mrs. Steve Wellington
Dr. & Mrs. Frederick Wittber


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