Meet our Staff

Shannon Powell, Executive Director


Hired on in 2012, Shannon has 

has played a major role in helping the Life Choices team grow and succeed in our mission. She loves to have fun and love on people and geeks out on Excel spreadsheets. This, an so much more,  make her an invaluable part of the Life Choices team. 

Lynn Durham, Development Coordinator


Lynn joined the Life Choices team in October of 2019. Her wide-ranging written and oral communication talents and genuine desire to help others makes her a tremendous benefit for our team. She loves to learn and love on people. 

Monica Sharp, RN Clinic Services Manager


Monica joined the Life Choices team in June of 2019. Her compassionate spirit and genuine care for the well being of each patient makes her an excellent member of our team. When patients are seen by Monica, they are given a non-judgmental atmosphere to  express their deepest concerns and a safe space to consider their options for the future. 

Alicia Gill, Prevention Director


Alicia has been a Prevention Educator since July 2015 and added the responsibilities of Prevention Director in July 2017. Alicia utilizes her driven nature and gifts to communicate with students of area schools, encouraging each one to see their individual value and potential. She motivates everyone on the team to continually strive for excellence.  

Derek Patterson, Prevention Educator


Derek came on board as our male Prevention Educator in September 2017. His down-to-earth personality helps him relate well to students. His passion for their well-being and ability to be a listening ear makes him a great asset to our team. As the parent to a teen, Derek is unconditionally invested in empowering students to make wise choices and better our community.

We Love Life to the Fullest

Our team is dedicated to reaching the needs of our community in a nonjudgmental and  loving way. We value you and the life that you live, and we are passionate about sharing the hope and love of Christ with every man, woman, and child that we serve.